Supply Chain Finance

We work together with retailers and their supply chain partners to optimize cash flow for each stage of the transaction. It’s working capital that makes sense for everyone’s cash cycle.


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Align the needs of buyers and sellers

Through our solutions, buyers can lengthen their payment terms and suppliers receive funding early. We balance access to cash flow across the value chain, so everyone can do their part, better.

Generate sales

Suppliers receive additional cash flow allowing them to provide consistent supply and increase their volume of production.

Streamlined process

Paperwork is simplified as payment is made to one entity while dealing with multiple suppliers.


Suppliers receive early payment at a lower cost as you can leverage your off-balance sheet credit.

Buyers and suppliers both win

Solutions for the whole supply chain

We help create a payment workflow that reduces risk for small and midsize businesses and their retail partners. Retailers can replenish inventory with the flexibility of paying their invoices at a later date, and suppliers have the ability to fill new orders smoothly.

It’s this synergy and way of doing business that help keep things moving.

How Supply Chain Finance Works

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